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Web Wars is an open source arena shooter similar to Geometry Wars, Robotron, or Death vs Monstars. It has 12 stages, 3 difficulty levels, 9 enemy types, and weapon upgrades.

With all the pretty free web graphics floating around, I thought, let's try to make a game with them! So, here is Web Wars, where you can shoot Twitter birds, spam mail, and RSS icons. This is a pretty straightforward shooter the way I like them, but with an original theme and control method. There may be a bit of a learning curve to the controls but they work very well for me, better than most of the alternatives I've seen. You shoot backwards, because usually you want to go in the opposite direction than the one you're shooting in. Death vs Monstars does the same thing, only aiming is more difficult there (IMO).

The Flash version was released in 2010, and the Android version has also been around for awhile. I am now working on an improved stand-alone version of the game.

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Web Wars 20120227

Web Wars 20120227

Full Version

New version: more particles and other special effects, better installer. Verified to work on Windows, Linux, Mac. Click on the jar to install. Choose...

Windows/Linux/Mac standalone release 1.1

Windows/Linux/Mac standalone release 1.1

Full Version

This is the "desktop" release of WebWars. It should run on Linux (32/64), Windows (32/64), and Mac, though it has not been tested on Mac yet. Unzip the...

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