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A game that combines all the best elements of Space trader sandbox games and RPGs. Design your own ship, put together your own crew and make your own adventure in a persistent sandbox universe full of exploration and loot.

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-10% opening sale! till feb 18th 2016

Good luck, and have fun playing the game.

Do note, it's still in early access and bugs are being found and squashed as we speak. It's still an awesome game though!

Free development build!

Free development build!


WTF is hitting steam early access soon! Free dev build for all!

Kickstarter attempt #2

Kickstarter attempt #2


We have redesigned and rebranded the game a singleplayer prequel, "Wayward Terran Frontier: Zero Falls" and we just launched a Kickstarter. This is our...

New test client released

New test client released

News 1 comment

I've finally done it, I've pushed the Open alpha to version If you have the current launcher, you can simply check for updates and get the latest...

Kickstarter is live

Kickstarter is live

News 2 comments

Wayward Terran Frontier is starting a crowd funding drive. The goal is enough funding to create phase 2 of the project which is creating dedicated server...

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Battlestar 75

Battlestar 75

Battlestar 75 Full Version 3 comments

Hi, here my new ship inspired by battlestar galactica. Install in *:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Zero Falls\profiles (like this: *:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Zero...

Launcher zip

Launcher zip

Demo 2 comments

This is a zip file containing the latest working version of the launcher.

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What are you mean with this, ..it`s over boys?

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The game really shouldn't be valued at 30$ + until it receives its value in game content,
or you won't get as many sales. I would even be hesitant at 20$ I got it only as a reviewer
for my watchers who wanted me to stream for them. Only 3 out of 42 people would pay 30$ for
this game and that's only if multiplayer was included in the game or at least more added content
to the game itself.

I rate the game myself a 5.8/10
- game play "reminds me of FTL on its first release with the added free roam"
- Exploration and game progression is great " not for the faint of heart though"
- Great radar system "could use a bit of touching up hard to see small asteroids
which is my only problem with that"
- The combat system is amazing "Its what gives me the FTL feel with for freedom"
- The ship customization is great "still feels like something is missing for it"

- Cannot revisit tutorials after they are complete "must restart the game"
- Game crashes too often "Even for an early access it crashes way to much the
overhead climbs 500 mbs with no chance of going back down and
because there is no increase on the memory cap it will always crash
around 500 mbs and yes i know its EA but crashes to much even
for an EA game"
- The galaxy as many large stations which are completely empty and useless
"can't help but be forced to remember that the game is single player"
- The game is single player "The galaxy starts to feel empty after
visiting areas devoid of any ships or stations or
empty stations.
"makes the game feel a little dead after the first hour"
- There are no audio cues or UI elements indicating loss of systems.
you can have a hull breach and lose air, yet no
indication, and you suddenly die
"It would be nice to know when I'm dying at times"
- The grinding is a real and tedious thing
"Yes its EA and its expected from any EA game"
- The game currently and will probably be the ame after its done is way WAY too over priced $30 :/
its kinda very steep and won't see a lot of sales unless its on steam sale for
70% off due to the fact that its not offering a lot of content specially now as an
EA game. " I wold only invest 30$ because of the potential it has to be a really great game ....
plus my watchers wanted me to stream it/ they also paid for half the game so I kind owe it
to them."
- The A.I. now this is a big one their is one crew member who just sorta chills around and doesn't do anything
I.E. chills in a corridor that's going up in flames and then exploding leaving nothing but the
void of space to suck him out ..... if he doesn't burn alive first that is"
- Lastly the game save function, there are times when I click save but the game doesn't really save leaving me to
click the darn thing twice before clicking save + exit
" their are also times when the auto save function I.E. I'm
leaving the station in my new ship CRASH, hey the enemy is
blowing me up please no don't continue to kill me CRASH
dammit didn't I just finish finding that amazing new thing
to research FK got to look for it again or HEY where is my
new ship i just scraped to research"

My reviews on the game won't end with a 5.8/10 I know they also won't stop at a 7.5/10
maybe even become a 10/10 game that I will have a hard time putting down, but for now their
seems to be a lot of work to be done that said yes I know it's EA which is why my review will not end
here would I recommend it to my followers or even friends :/ emmmm wouldn't be giving the game
any justice if I said no instead I would say if you don't mind spending a fortune on an EA with almost
no content that may very well never be multiplayer that seems to crash A LOT from the overhead going through
the roof but still get that time in where you are reminded of the good old days of FTL on its first release
where you looked for anyone who had it to play for free for a bit while in a lecture class trying not to sleep
then YA hell spend a fortune it may be worth 30$ in the future so you may be getting your bang for your buck.
More then likely I would send everyone to the free version "alpha" to tryout before spending a dime.

All that said I'm going to go play some freaking WAYWARD TERRAN FRONTIER there was an update today >.<

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I wish i could say this games gotten better, i want to say good things about this game that could have had so much potential but it seems to only have gotten more cons, whats going on with the product splad https://www.moddb.com/members/wtfrontier ? Is the game bringing anything big new or fresh to the table as of late and are some of the driver bugs being worked out? and is the games value going to be met with content to match its price?

Reply Good karma Bad karma-1 votes

So you literally did absolutely zero research and just came to conclusion based on absolutely... absolutely nothing? Although all you had to was just to check steam page to see frequent updates and current state.

If you are having any doubts you can join discord community, which invite links is public on steam forum.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

lmfao so let me guess your a nobody? you've made a dummy account to only respond to my comments in this entire chat. https://www.indiedb.com/members/ravendarke/comments

Here's a tip instead of being an ill-conceited developer with no balls why don't you stop making dummy accounts to respond to negative reviews and use that time to make some positive changes. REKT

P.S. maybe you should read other reviews i've made and check my steam account linked to this account and check my library instead of assuming ? Myself and many other big reviewers and streamers have tried to help your game but every time you do this **** it makes you look worse then your **** game! GROW A PAIR

Reply Good karma Bad karma-2 votes

That's funny, you are talking about assuming stuff and yet you do this. I've never made dummy account, this is my account and I am well known under this nickname -> Ravendarke.deviantart.com where you can also see my real name. So now I do expect massive apology.

What puzzles me is how you managed to overlook several pages of worth patchnotes in game, on top of 30 hours worth of story campaign with characters, loads of dialogs and procedural missions on top of that if you have played the game as well.

And again, waiting for that apology now, I am not a George, my name is Jan, WHO are you? Because I don't see your real name, your steam account is private, has VAC ban on record!!! (speaking about lack of balls) I don't even see your twitch account, just vague claims, slander, lies and nick that is literally connected to nothing.

Patchnotes just for last one month:




Patchnotes just for last month. This is immense amount of work.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Also to further elaborate, GameViewWeekly you seems to be projecting, there was noone but you using fake account - which comment already got purged. You are constantly lying with no proof or evidence. You accuse people of things that you do, you are convicted cheater striving for attention.

You live in your small world build upon lies refusing truth, you did nothing to help a game since day 1 (which you also lied about) but all you did was negative whining mainly based around fact that game that is simulating extremely detailed destruction is taking more than 500 MB ram... in year 2016, while game has literally 3GB ram as minimum requirements. You have played game for 56 hours and demanding to pay for game no more than 2 USD, that's price of VERY cheap coffee. You have dictionary and mainly attitude of 10 years child.

Anyway Michael this is all time I am going to waste with you, looking at your comments being downvoted to oblivion, censored and purged it seems like this will take care of itself pretty nicely. At this point I have no hope what so ever that you would man up, apology for your assumption and lies that were very simply disproven in previous post.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

And you call this a review with this many grammatical errors?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Game requires at least 4GB Ram, this is reason why game aim for 64bit architecture. If your game is crashing at 512 MB then there might be some issue with your memory slots. Furthermore constant crashing is in most cases caused by old GPU drives, last two times someone reported it they were using 3 and 4 old GPU drivers, moment they resolved it no more crashes. There are players playing on integrated GPU for 6+ hours straight without single crash. To be more specific if you have outdated ati drivers I can promise you it will crash when entering interior because there was driverside bug causing crash while building texture at runtime.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Lets not forget about the monster overhead from the 80s legit overhead just continues to eat resources now. The game should have goten better but it's only gotten worse. False promises and in game items that have been failed to be delivered. I feel like the dev only creates accounts and responds to negative reviews with all his free time. 30$ a key where the fk is this money going?

Reply Good karma Bad karma-2 votes
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One of the best starship simulators iv seen in a few years!

Jan 11 2014 by Fireball14

Combat Sim

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