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Warlock's Gauntlet is a dynamic, top-down shooter (well, spell-caster) game, placing you - the player - in the role of a battlemage. The hero travels through maps filled with monsters, gaining experience and learning new spells. The game is similar to titles like Gauntlet or Diablo. The game features 25 random-generated levels which should amount to about three hours of gameplay; the player character can find over 60 distinct spells. There is no networked multiplayer, but the game includes a hot-seat two-player mode. The game available entirely for free - the code is open source and the assets are licensed CC.

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This game does exactly what it sets out to do. The way the spells work means that you have to create a well-balanced loadout and anticipate what's going to happen in the next room.

The stats are a little unbalanced (you'll see), as one is significantly weaker and one's extremely useful, but it's fine, since the spells themselves benefit from different stats.

All in all, it's a good way to kill an hour or so.

No story, no goal, but gameplay, graphics and polishing are good.

Can be fun for a while. Simple gameplay like Gauntlet, but unfortunately doesn't deviate much from it. Lots of balancing issues can make it very difficult or even impossible to complete a stage. The large number of creatures give very little chance for real tactics beyond circle-strafing.

Graphics could be clearer, with edges of terrain better defined.

Sound gets repetitive and annoying, with many supposedly different enemies sharing the same sound effects.

The UI sometimes provides very little feedback on what you're doing and can be sluggish and buggy.

The spell system is quite cool, but confusing and I couldn't find any documentation to explain it. It almost seemed as if trying to strengthen stats for one spell, made me weaker in all others.

Fun for a little while and could be very good if developed further.


A cool dynamic opensource action RPG game.


intok says

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Controls on this game suck,and you are instantly swarmed as soon as you enter any zone, often times you enter a zone and either be unable to fire opn your opponents or wont be able to stop firing.




This game is near impossible to play. The controls make no sense and the Wizard does no appreciable damage to monsters at the very beginning of the game, dying in seconds. Not exactly my idea of a good time.

Yeas, nice. Yeas, yeas. I saw a O'possum. Yeas.


npic says

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Nice and fun, but too short. Perfect choice if one wants "coffee-break game".


cip91 says

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I agree with an user that said:
- Needs more info in the stats screen (mana used per spell, total mana, total health, etc).
- A few of storyline would be appreciated.

For all the people that couldn't understand how skills works: you have to found spells influenced more or less in the same way by the runes. And you have to mind that when a spell is "not influenced" by a rune (for example "not at all") it's in reality influenced negatively if you add points to that rune. So another suggestion would be:
- Change the scale from "not at all-totally" to "awfully-optimally" or something like that, so that is easier to understand.
- Add something like the bestiary for the spells (could be unlocked after beating the dragon) so that it could be easier to manage skills from the beginning to better fit some spells