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WarDrome is a free strategic management browser game, set in a space opera atmosphere. The game will test your skills as administrator, strategist and adventurer. Grow your empire planet after planet, researching technologies and building powerful weapons. Explore a huge universe (400,000 stellar systems) in first person, building and customizing your fleet (up to 200 spaceships) and training their crews. Shoot the aliens and hunt the dangerous outlaws, collecting the reward. Destroy the enemies fleets in sensational real time combats. Play a role in political life dealing with the Senate. Develop the story of your character and create your path among the stars.

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VincenzoV01 says

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Wardrome is a game that needs time to be known in its entirety . It presents a gameplay and a freedom of action that can rarely be found in other games . Constantly updated and is always some staff ready to help,Wardrome just needs to be known and popular among players who love this genre.


Caicoughski says

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Looks incredibly boring


c93 says

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Most boring game ever made...


Ricardo-wardrome says


ghost59 says

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