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A game about a young kid and his survival in a gruesome dungeon

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Hi there,

and welcome to my first dev diary (and very first blog entry!). I'm a full time programmer and a part time game developer. I've always used my spare time for creating small games, but rarely finished them. Probably because, I love solving the programming challenges, but get bored when all the finer details and finishing touches needs to be done.

I have a soft spot for 2D games, and primarily pixel art games, though not necessarily really pixelated art (all pixels doubled or quadrupled), which I believe can be confusing and take away some athmosphere in a game.

My current game, is about a young kid, who gets snatched by a cruel goblin/monster/giant and thrown into his dungeon to be eaten. The kids task is to escape back to the real world in one piece. These dungeons are inhabited by various creatures who all wants to kill this poor kid. The boy only has a rope to help him climb up, torches for light, and stones he can pick up and throw, to try and kill the evil foes.

The hero

The game consists of several levels which start in the bottom of the dungeon and goes up, all the way to freedom and fresh air.

So far I've created:

  • A procedural dungeon creator with a guaranteed start and finish and increasing complexity
  • Dynamic lighting using ray casting (not pixel perfect, but in tiles of 8x8 pixels)
  • Layered tiles and overlapping tiles
  • pixel perfect collision detection
  • Different kinds of enemies, each with its own set of rules of engagement
  • Unique pixel art - I know, not my strong side at all, but it works :-)
  • 16x16px tiles. 4 different tile sets for forground and 4 tilesets for backgrounds

I've started this dev diary in the hopes, that I might finish THIS game, now that it's not just my little secret anymore. I will continue to write updates as I progress in the development.

Thank you for reading :-)

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