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VR0GU3™ is a virtual reality sci-fi shooter with rogue-like influences for the HTC Vive.

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We've improved the game's balance (weapon and damage mechanics, player levelling, how the intel access point bonus works, etc), replaced a "problematic" unit model (see the post titled "Striking similarity" for more info on that issue), fixed up the holographic effects, reworked the shooting model to improve hit detection and visibility, did a pass on the game environment assets to improve the visuals, and even added the first new unit type!

As part of the game balance review, we decided to change the goal from reaching a player level to reaching the 5th Floor of the station. This provides greater impetus for players to complete floors as quickly as possible, creating a core conflict between your desire to improve your character (by levelling up, such as through interacting with intel access points) and your weapons (by finding Weapon Upgrade kits) while amassing a high score (XP), pitted against your desire to win outright by surviving to the end.

We've also done a visuals and performance improvements pass on the game environment assets. This required us to replace every level, but you'll definitely notice a significant improvement in performance (especially those on 970s) and in how the game environments look in the new build, which we're very happy about. On a related note, the performance improvements have enabled us to field more enemies on the map at any given point, so you'll see bad guys more frequently and in greater numbers as you delve deeper into the space station.

Overall, we're happy that the game is significantly improved between last version and this one. We hope you agree!

Release notes for v0.6.3 are available in the Steam Discussion forums.

— The Big Dumb Fun Games team