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NOTE: REQUIRES MICROPHONE TO PLAY, AS WELL AS LUNGS OF STEEL Darkness has swept over your high school. Darkness in Adidas tracksuits. For too long have you and your fellow classmates been under the firm Nike shoe of the bullies. Its time to fight back! But do not fear, you have a rare gift. You have... THE VOICE. Prepare to lose your voice, as you experience the power of controlling the world around you by shouting! Thats right, its a first person SHOUTER. Unleash the anger within and yell into your microphone as loud as you can to release your most powerful attacks. So get mad, and yell like crazy! You should probably have some throat lollies on hand after playing...

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Ahis game is so much fun!I just love skyrim so this game is perfect for me.And i love the shouting.I also love the graphics thats why i gave this game such a high rating

This game is awesome and fun, i totally love it. The graphics are a little bit bad, but i really don't care. :)

an epic game

Great ideia, but i can't really shout i'm my place so i couldn't really enjoy it, but really nice art work and gameplay.



Not a bad idea. Good execution. Extremly good for stress relief.
But not playable for long

Horrible, unusable, unplayable.


It's just bad, in everything...

It is awesome.


mcool9 says

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OH MY GOSH. This is EPIC. 10/10. Full stop.

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