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Eng: Vanellope Sweet Adventures is the game spin-off of Wreck-It Ralph (Movie). A game where Vanellope Von Schweetz is given by a dangerously sweet and digitized adventure to save Wreck-It Ralph (And also Pac-Man, Sonic and Mario) from the Turbo's plan revenge. ESP: Vanellope Sweet Adventures es el juego spin-off de Rompe-Ralph (Película). Un juego en donde Vanellope Von Schweetz se da por una aventura peligrosamente dulce y digitalizada para salvar a Rompe-Ralph (Y también a Pac-Man, Sonic y Mario) del plan de venganza de Turbo.

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juanmonfort says

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Maybe not bring the same effect as what was Vanellope during the movie or some other occurrence. You can make the game look "corny" at first, but as it progresses it becomes gradually deeper by increasing the difficulty, the gameplay is very good for a platformer (albeit with a few bugs) and their ability of glitch during the jump is a good advantage. It has references to the of classic game battles of bosses, and has the message of friendship (well known, but very important).


Luigimonfort says

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Despite having some bugs or no print of the film, Vanellope Sweet Adventures has pretty good gameplay (The Glitch + jump is an advantage), references to fighting classic bosses (Bowser & Eggman appear in the game), some catchy songs and a message of friendship as history.


TheGoMakBros says

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Cause I love Wreck-it Ralph. Frozen is overrated (please don't kill me...).

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