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You're stuck in a sleep paralysis. Everything seems real and feels like you're wide awake, but you can't move. For every blink you make, the more surreal it becomes. Inevitably, you sink into a nightmare, you're stuck inside a box, and you can't get out. You need to wake up! UpWakeNing is a challenging jumping platformer. You need to wake up, and to do so you need to climb to the highest point in the nightmare in which you reside in. Be careful though, for every unlucky slip, the less sane you might become.

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Casoe says

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The game is very intriguing, it easy to navigate the game and it has challenging points to cross-over. Great job. Highly recommend the game


TDang says

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Challenging game with a combination of exploration, a lot of frustration but in a good way.

The game should also appeal to speed runners


AndPete says

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Similar to Jump King if you like that type of game.
Features a leaderboard, so it adds replayability.

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