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In Untitled Knight Project, you take control of a knight that has been dead for hundreds of years, he was once very powerful and well liked among the kingdom he once served. When he died, his body was placed inside a tomb, allowing his soul to rest for eternity. He finds himself brought back and ready to traverse the castle once more. Due to not being completely alive, you are able to switch between human form and ghost form. The player's ghost form allows you to platform to further places, or defeat certain enemies that can't be killed in human form. You are also able to transform into certain objects in the game and use it to solve puzzles.

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Dialogue System - Dev Log #1


Let's kick off by saying, Hi.

So, this is the first dev log for this game on this site. I felt the need to reach out to other sites besides Twitter and Reddit, so here it is...

What I have been working on for the past week or so was a dialogue system. I was in two minds of what I wanted it all to look like, how I wanted the player to react to the conversations, whether to have free-floating dialogue boxes or draw it in the GUI at the bottom of the screen.

Problem #1

To begin with, the text was wrapping weirdly due to displaying it one letter at a time. GameMaker has a number of built-in functions when it comes to finding a strings dimensions, but it just wasn't doing it for me. I also couldn't get the dialogue box to draw to the sizes I wanted based on how many lines of text there were.

This is what I came up with and it doesn't look good. Not only that, but I felt no emotion from the text.

Dialogue System

This leads us to solution number 1...

Solution #1

So my solution to this was to draw the dialogue box at the bottom. This would let me have a one size fits all dialogue box style of dialogue box. Not only that, but it gave me the opportunity to give the characters a bit of emotion when they talk. This is where the portraits came in.Dialogue System v2

Is it a cheap way to make conversations humorous? Hell if I know, but I just felt better in general when making it and seeing it in action.

That is it for now. New logs will appear when I have new content. Have a good one

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