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UNEMPLOYMENT QUEST! A completely non-epic role playing game! Our protagonist has found that with school over, the oppressive challenge of joblessness is bearing down and crushing all joy in their life! But will you give up? HOPEFULLY NOT! Equip your resume and DO BATTLE with your doubts and fears! Show that you have what it takes to survive in the face of UNCERTAIN FUTURE! This game is not so much a traditional RPG as much as it is an allegory for personal experiences. It is in no way an epic quest as much as it is an exploration of experiences through the tropes and cliches of an RPG.

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This game doesn't have the best graphics, nor is it the most intense story ever. I loved it though just because it's unique. I'm tired of games being all the same with people just using what's already out there and just putting an extra goblin in it.


While the subject of the game and what its trying to help do is nice and in some ways quite noble, sadly the actual gameplay is quite lacking with little excitement, few suprises and mostly quite normal rpg tropes dressed in in positive feeling messages.

I would push this more towards people who are looking for work and dont play many games however for more seasoned gamers, its nothing really to look at.

Its a short fun turn based RPG with gameplay similer to old school RPG'S Dragons Quest in particular. IF you got a few hours to kill and want to play something different you could do worse.

I am enjoying the humor of the game. Why not have a good time with some reality every once in awhile?

The graphics could be worked on. The idea of this game is interesting, inspired by real life problems, makes you think about the future.




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