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Trap Them revolves around demanding puzzle gameplay about outsmarting and trapping the enemies while avoiding getting trapped yourself. This game introduces innovative block physics and all main mechanics early on instead of accumulating new systems you have to learn.

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Such a great and very inventive puzzler. I don't think the footage makes it justice. The brilliant challenges reveal themselves in the advanced stages of the game. There are so many of them and they are very varied. The game never grows tired to enforce discovery of new ways/techniques to solve the puzzles. There have always been moments I felt like now I know all the tricks, and then a new level proves me wrong again. What also seems like a remarkable feat is that the game feels absolutely rock solid, intimidatingly perfect even. In other games I have always found ways to glitch through something, bypassing the actual challenge. But not so in Trapthem. Here you have to discover, understand and apply the concepts in order to solve the advanced levels of the game. Blind trial and error won't help you anymore. The cool thing about it is that there are often still several solutions to a level, even when you are convinced otherwise. I play it together with a friend of mine and he plays it completely differently, crafting ideas I never thought of and vice versa.

I have to admit there are still some levels being over my head. It has to be said it is clearly targeted towards the thinking player and it requires a lot of brain energy if you want to make it far. But it really makes thinking fun and boy does it feel rewarding. Even if you are not so much into puzzles Trapthem might get you into them. Personally this game is gold.

This is a fantastically inventive puzzle game.
There really hasn't been made anything like it before.

The basic idea seems like an inversion of "Boulder Dash", which means the dig-able soil is not static but instead affected by gravity. As you play you will realize the immense possibilities of these mechanics. You will need to build complex structures to your aid, and demolish them in turn to murderous effect(because although the name is TrapThem, you mainly just SquishEm). One could say it puts "Red Faction's" "GeoMod" to shame, if the meagre graphics are ignored.

The stages are devided into 3 types: purely cerebral tasks, reaction tests and amalgamations of both; with the reaction tests at times being unattractive for pure puzzle-lovers.

I have played every stage and can account for the quality of their design. The game demands both creativity and intellect in great amounts(as well as finger-skills, which isn't as remarkable though). Gameplay doesn't go stale at any time, seemingly familiar looking challenges prove to be fresh just by means of a minor twist or added restrictions. Later stages will easily make you invest an hour at least, and a few are likely to make you despair for a while; but they all are solvable, I promise.
It needs to be said that overcoming these positively "impossible" preconditions will fill you with a deep sense of satisfaction; at one point when all the established core-techniques fail to solve the problem you will be led to utilize your environments in such ludicrous ways that you wouldn't deem them feasible in theory, you have to try.
This is something you cannot have with the wishy-washy "Portal" games for instance, which made "TrapThem" the more enjoyable experience for me.

So the game is majorly taxing, which is all a logic-enthusiast could wish for. But even more importantly, the game demonstrates a uniqueness highly uncommon today, it isn't derivative in the least.

"TrapThem" may be the greatest puzzle-sensation since "DROD".

Great game mechanics and very challenging. A very well crafted game.


Clever little game! Real treat for those who want to challenge their brain :)


I enjoy every level of it. Great puzzle game that realy challenges your brain. And that is sometihng many other puzzle games miss.

I recomend it to everyone who loves puzzle games as I do.


Quite challenging with a good blend of pure puzzle and action stages, while also allowing you to choose between them to your heart's content. The levels are clearly well thought out and designed.

TrapThem is a fantastic game.
Most of the levels demand creative solutions which make puzzling over them really fun.
It is highly diversified regarding the solutions of the different levels.
If you like to explore the astonishing combinational depth of good matching gameplay elements in over 100 Levels TrapThem is the right game for you.

Really nice and addicting puzzler. I hope that a leveleditor will be added in later versions to create own challenges.

Wonderfully made puzzle game. Was waiting anxiously for this after playing through the demo several times.


Obviously a really polished game. Retro feel and real hard puzzles, but that's the way it should be!

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