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Apr 27 2013 Anchor

The TestAI at Trainsportedgame.no-ip.org contains this script function:

function ai.foundPassengers(train, passengers)
     if train.passenger and train.passenger:find("VIP") then return nil end
     for k, p in pairs(passengers) do
         if p.name:find("VIP") then
             print("found VIP!")
             if train.passenger then
             return p
     return passengers[1]

However the console outputs this error:
Error occurred when calling function::124: attempt to call method 'find' (a nil value)

where line 124 is:

if train.passenger and train.passenger:find("VIP") then

What is the issue here?

Edited by: Ruoruni

Apr 28 2013 Anchor

The problem is that this is an old function, and ai.foundPassengers has been changed a little. train.passenger used to be just the name of the passenger, but now it's a table which holds the name and the destination of the passenger. Since a table doesn't contain the function "find" it throws the error.

To fix it, try:

if train.passenger and train.passenger.name:find("VIP") then

Edited by: Germanunkol

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