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The near future: Trains are no longer controlled by humans. Instead, artificial intelligence is used to handle traffic. Program the best AI, beat challenges on various maps and watch it fight other AIs in live, online matches!

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Sep 20 2015 Anchor

I think something that would be cool for this game(Which is probably the best game that I have come across) is for users to be able to setup servers. Simple servers that you run a file and it creates the server and what not, kinda like Minecraft servers. This would allow people to be able to play with their friends, or have a lot more people be able to be in matches.

A great feature that you would probably be able to implement is the ability to choose who is in tournaments, and when the specific owner does not choose a group to go, then it uses simple algorithms to choose who will play based on what the owner has setup.

P.S. I am making an AI that will dominate in matches

P.P.S. B.A.D. AI

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