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3D Indie survival horror game with unique plot and gameplay, hidden secrets and strategies - it's easy to play and it's hard to win.


  • A mirror and spy-cameras mechanics to watch at your enemies.
  • Realtime room-shuffling system (it feels like an earthquake).
  • Noise mechanics - they can hear you.
  • Mystical plot, insane monsters and endless chase make an atmosphere of fear and hopelessness.
  • There is some papers to read, some keys to open doors, blink mechanics to save your life and a few puzzles to solve during the exploration, but you don't need this things to win the game.
  • A few nice things which I won't tell.

System requirements:
Platform: Windows
CPU: 2 GHz Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon or equivalent
RAM: 2 GB.
Video RAM: 512 MB Graphics card with DirectX support.
Free space: 1 GB.

Known issues:

  • Grammar - I've checked it many times, but English is not my native language (I will appreciate any help with that). And it is hard to understand how to play with my poor explanations. I've posted a short FAQ in the news, check it out if you need that.
  • Slow windowed mode on some machines - it is better to play fullscreen.
  • Some textures may be missing after minimizing the game.
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The Midnight Lapse FAQ


Spoiler alert!
1. Death in the corridor. (Levels: All)
You will die if you'll stay in dark corridor for too long (it is safe only at 1st and 6th strikes). Just run from door to door.
2. Noise mechanics. (Levels: All)
Enemies move and attack faster when you're running or hitting objects in the dark (it is safe in the noisy storage room). Mr. T will move faster after girl's jumpscare.
3. The box has been opened! (Levels: Reality, Malebolge)
Visit the storage room or check it through the camera every 60 seconds. If the box is opened, then a guy will attack you very fast in that room.
4. How to use the mirror. (Levels: All)
You can see him only through the mirror or spy-cameras.
5. Why did she kill me? (Level: Malebolge)
Take the knife (right mouse button) when you see her. You can find it in the mailbox.
6. How to find the real teddy? (Levels: Reality, Malebolge)
Whisper her name. It's Vickie. Bring V-teddy to the 1st room (there are bunch of the letters "V" on the door), i-teddy to the 2nd room, c-teddy to the 3d room ... in any order.
Another way - choose a bear randomly. Vickie will be very angry if your guess is right.

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