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A Visual Particle Effect designer for YoyoGames GameMaker Studio.

Create advanced particle effects within minutes, using multiple Particle Systems, Emitters and Particle Types. Simple and touch-friendly.

Crosslink the systems simply by dragging and dropping them onto each other. Tweak and twist every available Particle value with ease.

When you're happy with the effect, use the One-Click 'Export as GML for easy importing into GameMaker Studio.

Get the YoyoGames Marketplace asset, TMC Particle Lab Effects, which contain all the custom
sprites, and is ready for importing the effect.

Easy integrated sharing of project files and GML exports (iOS and Android). Simply share it online on any service available on your mobile device (GDrive, OneDrive, Dropbox etc.).


- add multiple Particle Systems, Emitters and Particle Types
- link the systems by drag'n'drop
- easy effect editing
- touch friendly interface with layered menu system
- delete, copy and renaming of all objects
- more than 20 awesome effect templates
- Death/Step particle loop detection
- Hide/Show GUI for fullscreen preview
- Save/Load projects
- Export as GML for GameMaker Studio
- Integrated online sharing of project files and GML exports
- 30 Custom particle Sprites
Grab it here:Full version for Windows Desktop : Sellfy.com Free version for Windows Desktop (GML Export disabled) : Indiedb.com Free download for Android on Google Play : Play.google.com Please support TMC Particle Lab on Steam Greenlight : Steamcommunity.com

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v0.0.87 update


Hi everyone!

I just released the v0.0.87 update of TMC Particle Lab for Windows and Android, and it'll be ready for iOS once Apple approves it (usually 1-2 weeks).

Download links are below.

New features

Larger Workspace Area


The base resolution for Windows/Android is now 1280x800, to provide more workspace and better scaling for all widescreen devices. For iOS, the resolution is set to 1366x960, which is a better fit for that platform.

Improved Color Picker and Manual color code entry

New Color Picker

The Color Picker has been redesigned a bit, and now supports manual color code entries. Just tap the value to input what you need.

New Emitter 'Single Shot' option and button access.

New Emitter Menu

I added a new Single Shot option, which basically means the selected Emitter will only fire it's Particles for 1 step. This is also supported by the corresponding TMC Particle Lab Effects Marketplace Asset, so your effect will still be replicated just as you made it!

I also moved the Burst/Stream and Follow Touch buttons to the Emitter Menu, for easier Access.

Total active Particle count


This counts all Particles currently active in all of the Particle Systems.

3 Decimal input support


All applicable Variables now supports 3 decimals instead of 2, for better precision. Simply tap the value to input the exact number you want.

General Optimizations and Bugfixes

In this version, the core engine for handling the particle systems has been re-worked and optimized, so you'll find a slight performance improvement. A lot of minor bugs has been eliminated, and the handling of the sliders has been greatly improved.

Grab the new version here!

Full version for Windows Desktop

Free version for Windows Desktop

Free version for Android

Free version for iOS (still on v0.0.81, updates as soon as Apple approves it)

The free version is fully featured, but limited to 3 GML exports.


Thank you for reading - and have a great day! =)

New version just released

New version just released


The next version of TMC Particle Lab is here - now with Free GML Exports and the option to use your own images as Particles! Please support us on Steam...

Introducing TMC Particle Lab

Introducing TMC Particle Lab


Time to spice up your GameMaker Studio games the easy way! Design some awesome effects, then add them to your game.

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TMC Particle Lab Free v0_0_87

TMC Particle Lab Free v0_0_87


New features in v0.0.87 * Bigger workspace area - resolution is now 1280x800 * Manual color code entry * Emitter Single Shot option * Total active Particle...

TMC Particle Lab Free v0_0_78

TMC Particle Lab Free v0_0_78

Full Version

This version is fully featured, with 3 free GML Exports included! Please Support TMC Particle Lab on Steam Greenlight if you like it! =)

TMC Particle Lab Free v0.0.75

TMC Particle Lab Free v0.0.75

Demo 2 comments

The Free version of TMC Particle Lab. It has all features enabled, but GML Exporting is locked. You can still design and save as many effects as you want...

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