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Therefore is an amazing adventure game, a pixel art open world, a vivid reign where time flows and weather changes, with living fauna and flora, a surreal world full of symbolism that resists to die. You wake up in a strange dying world, The First Realm. An obscure and powerful force known as The Degradation is destroying it and that's just the beginning. You have no memories nor voice, but an unknown great power is growing inside you. The fate of the realm and its inhabitants is in your hands, they call you "The Wanderer". Due to ambience, symbology and metaphors Therefore will send a message to those ready to hear it.

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The Wanderer wakes up in the First Realm, he finds it fading away, being torn apart and consumed by The Degradation. A spectral form, his only guide, whispers to him: “They are waiting for you in the center of all realities.”

But The Wanderer doesn't have memories or a voice of his own. The only thing he can do is wander, explore the First Realm in search for one of the Primeval Hearts, the key to reach his goal, and in his way maybe he will find answers about himself and about what is menacing all the Realms. But a great power is pounding inside of him, The Wanderer will soon discover that he is capable of amazing feats.

The Wanderer is able to extract The Essences, the ideas that shape the reality of the First Realm and its inhabitants, store them and mix them to forge special items that will help him through the adventure, and if something goes wrong, he may use the Memento Mori to reset the day and learn from his mistakes.

But be warned! This day is the last day of The First Realm, The Wanderer must be ready before confronting the End of the Tangle of Realms and a lot of paths will open in front of him, a lot of choices. You will be his conscience, the end of this story depends on you. The story about all of us.

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