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The Tank Game is an arena shooter featuring a diverse set of abilities and weapons. Figuring out how to use the items you are currently holding in order to turn a situation in your favour will be far more important than just having a steady aim. Much like the quake and unreal games of old items re-spawn periodically on the map rather than being given to you upon spawning. You must control these resources while also attempting to deny them to your opponents in order to prevail. The game has a strong emphasis on multiplayer and you can play with up to 5 friends on one PC in head to head multiplayer or CO-OP modes. Online and LAN play for more players is also supported. - This game is currently in development, so is the name... If you have any questions please ask!-

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Looks good. Keep up the good work!


keyle says

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Fantastic game! Fun, simple and action packed.

If you liked wiitank on wiigame, you will love this!

Great game for multiplayer. Even though it is alpha currently, it plays great. I haven't encountered any issues yet.

I like this game alot. Its very fun. Controls are simple and its easy to pick up and play in short bursts. Buy it!


Great game! Fun to play and also very challenging.
Good job


Man. This game is AWESOME. I realy hope it will have high playerbase and good sellings. Gonna prepurshase my copy.


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