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Your imagination is your worst enemy in this episodic horror point-and-click adventure. Immerse yourself in a thrilling atmosphere created by the unique combination of an outstanding orchestral soundtrack, and pixel-art style.

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  • "This web-based adventure game is off to a promisingly frightening start."
    - Carolyn Petit, gamespot.com
  • "This indie PC game has all the ambiance and scares of a $60 big budget horror game"
    - Sida Li, bitrebels.com
  • "Soon, I will stop trembling"
    - Jillian Werner, gamezebo.com
  • "Makes excellent use of music and audio cues "
    - Andy Chalk, The Escapist
  • "While you can’t see the terror-stricken face of a dead body, you can imagine it, and I always find that to be much more horrifying."
    - Chris Priestman, indiestatik.com
  • "The Last Door can perfectly stand on its own merits but when combined is a tour de force."
    - Phawx, brainlazy.com
  • "This humble, focussed vignette of classic videogame design is worth more than many games with loftier, misguided ambitions."
    - Matt Sawrey, thunderboltgames.com
  • "This could be one of the best game storylines I’ve read in a long time."
    - Joel Couture, mashthosebuttons.com
  • "It’s a profoundly creepy start to what's shaping up to be a compelling horror story clothed in an adventure game."
    - Dora, jayisgames.com
  • "I’ve only played through the first two chapters, and the experience has only been delightful."
    - Alex Faciane, indiestatik.com
  • "While I’ve reviewed some pretty good games, very few of them have gotten into my head in the way that The Last Door: Chapter 1 has."
    - Ethan Moses, horriblenight.com
  • "The core strength of The Last Door remains intact: the terrific feeling of tension and dread"
    - Adam Ames, truepcgaming.com
  • "The Last Door is a unique game because of its brilliant soundtrack, intriguing mystery, and painstaking attention to detail"
    - Odnetnin, digitallydownloaded.net
  • "A subtle supernatural horror story that has genuine shocks and an atmosphere designed to unease."
    - Bill Stiteler, appletell.com
  • "I want to play more. The world, particularly the audio, has found its way inside my head."
    - Adam Smith, rockpapershotgun.com
  • "Bloody terrifying... The art and music is top notch and follows its roots of Lovecraft and Poe expertly by playing on the player’s imagination."
    - Robert Rappoport, indiegamemag.com
  • "After wrapping up the first part, I was knee-deep in a thrilling mystery, one that I felt a strong desire to solve."
    - Wraithkal, wraithkal.info
  • "With some of the most beautifully stylized pixel art and orchestral sound found in a point-and-click adventure game, The Last Door is a masterpiece of story, artwork, and design."
    - John, i-luv-games.com
  • "I have to admit that writing this article and promoting The Last Door is a bit selfish because, frankly, I'd really like to see what happens next"
    - Richard Mitchell, joystiq.com
  • "Love letter to Lovecraft"
    - By Sophie Prell, Penny Arcade
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