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The Year is 1997' A mega-corporation called Enviro-Earth has created a serum to cure multiple diseases in two forms' The Alpha Serum The Beta Serum The Alpha Serum was a great failure, so they put the vial in the black market to sell' Thing is, in handling of the serum, the vial broke' The alpha serum then spread, turning everyone into Brain-eating zombies' Play through this awesome first person adventure by your self or with your friends (or enemies) *FEATURES* Choose from 14 different characters, each with their own different stats' Tons of Real Weapons To Choose From Fully Interactable City Endless Horde's Of Zombies Valve's Source Engine Multiplayer with 12 players, spanning across the whole city' MULTIPLAYER GAME MODES: >Deathmatch- The Classic Gamemode, now with a twist' Become a zombie and have zombie specfic abilites' >Story Mode- Play Through the Singleplayer story with AI Humans And Zombies > City Infest- The Basic Online Gamemode' Survive for your life, or kill for...


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