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MAIN STORY Five friends; Derek, Jason, Sophie, Jerome, and Alex find themselves pulled into a world they never knew existed. When Derek goes missing, the rest of his friends begin a journey into the world Mörja. Suddenly they have knowledge of magic and weapons as their begin their search for Derek. Arriving in a small seaside village, they are immediately thrown into a world far more dangerous than anything they have ever experienced. Take a step into a beautiful story of friendship, discover and intrigue in A New Fire. The first game in The Ember Series. A deep universe with multiple nations, the world of Mörja is the setting in which four friends, Jason, Sophie, Jerome, and Alex, must find their way through an unknown world to save their friend Derek. Mörja is filled with kingdoms, empires, villains, monsters and more. A New Fire's open world epic story-line and developed characters creates a deeply engaging game that is must own for any JRPG fans who desire an open worl

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bloodseekerdota2 says

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The amount of gameplay for an early access RPG Maker game is unreal. The story is so engaging and the custom art is actually good. The Developer is also very active on the forums on Steam too. I bought it, I recommend you do too.


corprinus says

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Really good story, I think this game could be a great old-school RPG that can bring that sense of adventure back into the genre. Definitely worth a try.

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