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Gather everything you need to perform the ritual, to clear an innocent soul from the defilement. You will not pass if you do not collect things for the ritual. Find a secret location in the game.

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Bought the game, great!

The effort is there, but the writing quality isn't. It's also full of graphics pop-in, contrived jump scares, and strange level design that appears non-linear but forcefully says otherwise.


A really creepy game with a very spooky atmosphere. Feels like you are always being watched and followed. Also makes good use of the dark to make you feel even more uncomfortable.
It's about 2 hours long, at least for me, which is great considering it is free.
The story itself is rather generic but that isn't really a big deal to me.

One thing I would nitpick about is the checkpoint placement, making me sit through long cutscenes after I die, although this only happened a select few times. Another small thing is direction, since you are kind of left guessing which ways you are supposed to go first, or how you are supposed to solve a situation is generally trial and error.

Overall a great little game that looks good and feels good (even though I would have loved a sprint button)

This is honestly one of the best horror games Ive played in a long time. Why? Because of the ambiance. This game sets a mood so well and the dev really knew what he was doing when it come to random player movement because he placed some off the trail jump-scares that just about made me pee myself... This Dev is awesome if it really was done by one person. I filmed my playthrough and am putting it on my channel which is the same as my username. If you wanna check it out its right mhere. Youtube.com.

its awesome

10/10 gameplay but the story is a bit poor to me.


Жуть, однако ))

This is a brilliant horror game that is the first i have seen on CryEngine 3. It has a good atmosphere nice backstory and a chilling enemy that stalks you and scares you in the unlikeliest of places. Its very long for a free indie horror but this is most certainly not a problem for this game. I would love to see more games made on this engine.


daveva says

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This is amazing project and if its really his first game, I think we have new talent here :).


I liked the game but there's something that makes me feel really frustrated and that is the fact that you can't go wherever you want until you've reached certain objectives. Anyway, the graphics are good and tje overall ambiance scared me. (I'm a scared easilly though :p)

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