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The Age of Cogman - Synopsis The Age of Cogman is a children’s learning title, about the evolution of man. You play as Cogman, a bubbly comedic children’s character trying to come to terms with his evolving tribe. The game is adventure based requiring children to collect items to fashion prehistoric tools (such as spears, hammers, apparel, etc). The tools have everyday uses but also aid Cogman in his endeavours throughout the adventure helping him to fend off rival tribes, animals & prehistoric dinosaurs, this ultimately concludes in Cogman’s destiny to protect his home land & the woman of his dreams. The concept is based on the ideal to educate children while providing them with a high level of entertainment & story immersion.

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The mesh has had a rehall which is now around the 4000 poly mark. There are plenty of edge loops in key areas to maximise detail. The Eat3D tutorial for character creation in Zbrush is being followed for the best possible player mesh.