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In a desolate world, you play as a mysterious bushbaby/owl/fox hybrid with a dark past. Scramble across the world of wind temples & swamplands to reach your destination. Tempus Bound is an artistically-driven pixel platformer with physics, puzzles and a speed running mode. Meet characters along the way who will give you vital information to speed up your runs.


- Uncover this short dark tale as you progress through this twisted journey.

- Meet some fellow hybrid local types along the way who provide inside secrets.

- Unlock the timed aspect and use your parkour-platformer skills to race through the world.

- Compete with your friends (and everyone else) on the leaderboards.

- Earn sweet-as-cosmetics™ (coming soon).

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Very pleased to announce that Tempus Bound is comign to Steam

The game was featured in Side Scroller Magazine's latest issue: Flipsnack.com

Please please do wishlist it on Steam: Store.steampowered.com

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