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TankBot is an experimental game created as a way of teaching myself Python and the Blender Game Engine. It is a top-down, strategic tank-busting game where the player uses skill, trickery, and ricocheting rockets to defeat levels of tanks with varying difficulties and an arsenal of abilities.

RSS The First Demo is Away!

This update brings many glorious changes to TankBot, including reworked AI, new levels, a handsome new look, and a downloadable demo!

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After a long weekend of programming and 'Blendering' I've finally got a version of TankBot that I'm proud to be showing to the vastness of the internet.

TankBot Demo #1

As promised, a video of TankBot!

In this update:


  • Reworked the enemy's evasive tactics. The enemy tanks now accurately determine the quickest route to evade incoming rockets, while attempting to keep their distance from obstacles that could impede their ability to perform evasive maneuvers (like walls or other pesky enemy tanks).
It is surprisingly hard to hit the enemy head on in one on one battles now.


  • Fixed a bug where the score from a previous level would be carried forward and duplicated in the next level.
  • Reworked the time bonus so the time bonus points pool now starts at 50 and loses one point per second, as opposed to the pool starting at 500 and being divided by the time taken to complete the level.
  • Rocket Interception points are now only awarded when an enemy rocket is destroyed within a 30 unit radius of the player. This change was made to avoid giving points out for the player's rockets being intercepted by the enemy's. Or enemy rockets being destroyed by other enemies' rockets, for that matter.


  • Changed the pink level colour to a light grey (off-white, maybe?) and changed the outline style to be much thinner, but it also shows up on more edges now.
  • Added ambient occlusion to the levels and tanks. This is the shadowy effects most prominent on the levels. I tried using this effect on the shifting background, but it turned out to be nauseating.
  • Added a light object to give the laser a nice glow. Looks pretty cool.
New Look
TankBot's new and improved look.


  • Added a ‘Pause' screen, which can be toggled with the space bar.
  • Remade Level 2. The old level 2 was basically level 1 with an extra obstacle that actually made it easier to kill the enemy. Just a waste of my and your time. The new and improved level 2 has two enemies, a cool, ‘hip' design, and doesn't play by the rules (it does actually).
  • Remade Level 3 using the new breakable walls. Also added a third enemy.
  • Added a breakable wall type. Rockets are super effective against orange walls.
  • Reworked how aiming is handled. The tank's gun and laser used to only react to horizontal movement of the mouse. Now they follow the invisible mouse cursor around the window. This make's aiming down a lot easier. Shooting yourself is still just as easy.
Level 2 Layout Level 3 Layout
The new level 2 layout The new level 3 layout



P.S. The awesome music used in this demo was crafted by Love Aurell at Soundcloud.com

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