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Test your wits in Take the Cake, a puzzle platformer that challenges you to help a friendly furball retrieve his stolen cake from evil robots. Built around physics and color-changing abilities, the game lets you interact with a handmade rocket, change the furball’s color, and fight bosses to progress through 27 levels across five different environments. Can you help Frank retrieve his cake before it’s too late?

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Get those knuckles ready for some serious platforming: TAKE THE CAKE, a physics-driven platformer by Czech studio Ebenit, is sure to put your puzzle-solving ability and fine motor skills to the test :)

ubuntu release

Coming to Steam, Green Man Gaming, Itch.io and Indiegala Store on Tuesday, 15 May with 50 % discount!

This cute yet challenging puzzle platformer will be hitting Steam next Tuesday. Check out the trailer:

In Take the Cake, Frank the Friendly Furball is on a mission to track down his stolen cake. Playing as Frank, you’ll face off against nasty robots and menacing bosses as you progress through five mysterious environments – and 27 levels – by changing Frank’s color and exploiting gravity to your advantage.


  • Explore 27 levels across five colorful environments.
  • Dive into a puzzle platformer with game mechanics built around changing colors and realistic physics.
  • Choose how to play – either with a keyboard or gamepad.
  • Compete against other players for the best completion time in each level.
  • Enjoy an epic story told without a single word.
Take the Cake is available now!

Take the Cake is available now!


Take the Cake is available now on Steam and Itch.io!

Take the Cake is coming out!

Take the Cake is coming out!


We are finally getting close to release! Take the Cake is coming out 28 November 2018 on Steam, Itch.io and Windows Store.

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Take the Cake Demo

Take the Cake Demo


Take the Cake Demo contains first 5 levels and intro.


How can I contact the author of the project?

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kuny Creator

You can send me an email to kunes@ebenit.com.

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