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Taco Gun now has a Steam page, add us to your wishlist here!
Coming May 17th!
About this game:

In Taco Gun, you take on the role of a mexican pistolero; fighting with or against your friends in an absurd world where food is bullets, the only way to survive is to shoot your opponents full of tacos!

Taco Gun is an up to 4 player PvP party game about shooting your friends up with tacos and various other food items until they explode! Foodfight your way through 8 different levels, taking your pick out of 7 different characters each with unique weapons and abilities!

Every level in Taco Gun features unique mechanics and new obstacles to overcome. Take advantage of the situation and find creative ways to blow your opponents up!


  • Immersive Fattening System
    The more you eat, the rounder you get! You might walk slower, but bouncing around is still an option, as is taking a swig of Diet Tequila!
  • Parkour-like Grace
    Wall jumping and air-dashing couldn't be easier! Hunger can be a great motivator.
  • 8 Insane Levels to choose from!
    Fight your friends across trains, factories or UFO-infested cornfields. Nothing is scared, lather everything up with your food of choice!
  • 7 Pistoleros, armed to the teeth
    They lie in wait, each has unique abilities and weapons, prepared for any type of foodfight. Find your favorite or pick around, either way you'll enjoy it!
  • 8 unique music tracks for fighting to the death!
    Each level features it's unique theme song, making sure the taco-shooting mood keeps going!

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Athens, May 3th, 2018 – Floating Island Studios in collaboration with eNVy softworks have announced the release date of Taco Gun, an absurd PvP party game about feeding your friends to death.

You are a menacing pistolero, scarred and hardened by life in a world where food is bullets. Your hands are steady; the brim of your hat shielding your opponents from your gaze, sweat dripping under the relentless sun; you’re waiting for the perfect moment to draw but suddenly -BANG- a taco is flying toward you at lighting speed! You dodge and weave, drawing your pistols at the same time, you respond in kind; chilli peppers flying out the barrels of your guns. Some of them hit, but as you look up to assess the damage, an ear of corn hits you from behind and you explode in a spectacular shower of candy and popcorn.

This is the world of Taco Gun; cruel and unforgiving, filled with fattening, deadly mexican standoffs and it’s coming to a Steam client near you on the 17th of May 2018.

In Taco Gun, your only hope of survival is to launch tacos, chili peppers, coconuts and any other food item you can find towards your opponents. You have to get them before they get you. Right? Use the environment to your advantage as you foodfight your way through 8 insane levels with 7 different characters to choose from.

Taco Gun is a PvP party game about shooting your friends up full of food until they explode, featuring 2-4 player local multiplayer, multiple different characters and levels to choose from. This absurd game is sure to keep you and your friends glued to your screen, launching explosive avocados and molotov cocktails full of chilli sauce at each other, using power ups to summon a rain of tacos from the heavens as you narrowly avoid death by chocolate bars.

Get Taco Gun on Steam on May 17th.


Check out the Trailer for Taco Gun:


Learn more about Taco Gun:


For our press kit, look to:


Taco Gun has been localized into multiple different languages.

About Floating Island Studios

Floating Island Studios is an independent game development studio based on Athens, Greece. Founded in 2015, they are currently taking their first big step into the game development industry with Taco Gun.

Floating Island Studios has been very active in the Greek game development community for the last couple of years, taking part actively in industry events such as expos, meetups, jams and more and as such their love for games and comedy alike, culminated to their debut, Taco Gun.

Taco Gun is published by eNVy softworks, Turning beers and burgers into video games since 2013.


Learn more about Floating Island Studios at Floatingislandstudios.com


Follow Floating Island Studios on

Twitter: Twitter.com

Facebook: Facebook.com

Instagram: Instagram.com

Youtube: Youtube.com

Press Contact

Name: Paris Laras

Email: pr@floatingislandstudios.com

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TacoGun Demo

TacoGun Demo


Taco Gun is still in development, so please make sure to download the game for FREE, and leave us some feedback, we'd greatly appreciate it!

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