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Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP is an artistic game set in a fantasy world, which is filled with beautiful nature vistas, wild animals, and magic. The player takes control of a character called The Scythian, and embarks on an adventure for the so called Megatome. After reclaiming this artifact, The Scythian is granted the ability to use magic, and can also literally read the thoughts of other people (and the dog). The game heavily relies on a strong audio and graphical design. The game can also be connected to Twitter to tweet various lines from the game, but use of this is entirely optional (a small circle on the right of the screen during a text pop-up allows you to repost the text on screen).

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monsieur_max says

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This game is now in my top 5 all time favorite.
Sword and sworcery is a pure gem.

I play it very slowly, i do it for every game that i really love.
This game shown what can be achieved when you throw yourself out of the boundaries of the video game comfort zone.

The story telling, the powerfull music, the gorgeous pixel art ... Everything is so perfect in this game.
I often get bored really fast in most of today's video game. But this one, like a really good book, is one that i'll really regret finishing.

Yesterday evening i spent 10 minutes with Jim Guthrie, in a remote glade during the dawn of a dream, listening to his music. That was an awesome and unique experience.


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