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Survius is an Open World Multiplayer (PvP) Survival Game currently in open alpha. It is being created by chaozz games. The game is set some time after a global catastrophic event. You are one of the survivors, trying to stay alive in this new and potentially hostile environment. You scavenge the lands looking for water and food. But supplies are scarce and you are not alone.

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Michster says

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I enjoyed this game!
It's really good, especially if you consider it's an alpha version.
Let's see what chaozz games will add during further development.


veeyah says

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I'm impressed. For an alpha, the graphics look good (but can be improved more of course) and it seems to have a solid start. However, a few things I noticed was that one, people like me (who don't really read things before I play them hahaha, sorry), had to press a few keys on the keyboard before I realized how to equip, eat and drink my loot. It's really not a big deal but I thought I'd include it here.
Also, the second thing was that I felt nauseous just after 10 minutes of playing because of the sudden third person-first person shift on certain camera angles. This doesn't normally happen to me and I've played other games with this sort of camera/angle change.
I also noticed that my axe couldn't defend me from the zombies. I already found the gun but I wanted to try it first. A few whacks on the zombie's head later, I died.

I like the progress of the game though and I'm looking forward to see what else you improve in this game. :) Cheers.


taakuu says

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Very great game, the open world system is very good ! This game vey look like day Z, the walking dead.
Hunt, kill, craft, run and run !

Gory, gross, terrifying, funny zombie games - get ready to do some shooting!


wazbat says

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Fun, has a lot of potential


FVGames says

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Great game, it just lacks in features and functionality


xeox-l says


alisami1428400350 says

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