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Super War Arena takes place in the future where factions battle for power and land' Each faction has their own weapons, Units, Abilities and commander' The game intends on Blending FPS with RTS as the player must command his team, they cannot win with only numbers' A match ends when al but one commander is killed (normal) , if all but one base is captured (invasions), if a base is held (assault and capture), and prehaps many more modes' The game is planned to be released for free' Done when its done'

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Good News


In 6-8 weeks the first and simple version of the game will be released for free with an auto patcher so that when the version goes up you get the new files.
It wont have multiplayer but I will sort that out as soon as I can.

The Faction in this release will be the Tribals.

Keep checking on the website for some more news!!!!

Justin123991 - - 397 comments

Whats the engine?

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firedeathbot - - 9 comments

i still dont think i need a subdomain, i think a moddb profile is enough visit it here Indiedb.com
i like your work and good luck :)

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Panzert - - 2,161 comments

I'm all about this one

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