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Once upon a time, there was a tower every knight and lady who had a wish visited. Racing another aspirant was the only way for their own wish to come true. The fastest one at descending the Tower would be the winner. Super Tower Rush intends to bring old values back, such as shared gaming experience face to face, even from the same keyboard, although it includes a system to play online with the community and a single player mode to train and unlock game modes too.

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This game held some promise in terms of development, however after less than a year and about 2 small updates, the developers apparently gave up on the title to pitch another game. You'll note that right from launch that the game is a work in progress. Honestly, that is putting it kindly. Most of the menu options are greyed out. With no future patch in sight, those unaccessible menu are honestly a slap in the face for dropping money on this product. You have local co-op, which is nice, but online co-op was promised further down the road. Obviously, that's not happening. One of the patches added ai, so now you can fight with the computer... Basically, it boils down to this: the main game is completely unfinished. Even with randomized levels, there's not enough content to float game time near long enough for this purchase to be worth money. The controls are floaty, the game is horribly unpolished, and you will be bored of it within minutes.

Don't buy this game. Also, buyer beware on their next project AdventurOS.


Game was abandoned by the developers in favor of their new kickstarter campaign. And this seems to be a trend with this developer.


Looks like the unfinished version will be the final version; developer has moved on to another project.


"Meh" kind of sums it up. It's not a bad game, but it's not a good game either. The controls are quite strange, and past maybe 5 minutes of entertainment there isn't anything else here.

Fun and challenging even against the AI.

If the developer is as capable as their projections portend, then I truly anticipate the magnificent things that should be coming forth on this project. I am looking forward to future installments and patches in respect to their goals.


This is an alpha build review.

I'm a man. But this game is so awesome sauce I turned into a girl just for my ovaries to explode.

I don't know if you can update reviews. But I hope you can.
I hope I can.


Looks very promising, art style is incredible.


Valric says

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ok first look at this game the impression I was like "oh ok" a sorta indiffrent look at it and I was looking for a new game classic feel sorta thing and somthing I could play my niece at. Seeing the game was 5 dollers I picked it up and the ratings on this though incomplete as it is helped me deside. so when I got the game I opened it up and got blasted by music that gave it a nice arcade feel and then some. When we got to playing the simple feel and the rush of the race just made that final push that left a great amusment and was at least entertaining. I enjoyed this game and I hope MissScripter the best at this project!

in the long run I hope you also look at Steam Greenlight for this project good luck ^_^


I don't give 10's :D Charming quirky charcters , great soundtrack and lovely sprites , lots of fun to verse a friend.

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