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Summer has been stolen and only one hero can save the day! Danger and adventure await, deep within 'The Scientist's' gauntlet. A 16-bit retro styled tough as nails action platformer, Summer Gauntlet will test your platforming skills to the limit, can you defeat the ultimate trial?

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ToKain says

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This is amazing game. I have an very big nice gameplay!!

I say 10 to the next week!


DataReborn says

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Holy balls. This game blew my goddamn mind. This truly is game design at it's finest.

You were not joking around when you said that my platforming skills would be put to the test. The thing that I love about this game is that everything is so tight and well-designed. The game requires caution and precise timing, similar to a game such as I Wanna Be The Guy, but the positive to this game is the fact that EVERYTHING feels so well-designed and completely FAIR. Which is simply the icing on the finely-crafted cake that makes up the majority of the gameplay.

The bosses were just another fantastic surprise. They are freaking hard as nails, but continue the same feeling of fairness that the platforming has. I've faced off against two and simply could not beat them. However, I never felt as though it was my fault that I couldn't beat them.

Jesus. Overall great game. The music is fantastic. I cannot praise this game enough for how well it does what it sets out to do.


skn3 says