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Sturmfaust II is a 2D Freeware game, which is currently in development. Programming, sound, music and story design are done by S. P. Gardebiter. Graphic design is done by Fahrenheight.
Sturmfaust II will have elements of Jump & Run, Action, RPG, Horror and also Splatter.
It will be part of a bigger series, the Sturmfaust series.
There are several influences from other games like: Abuse, Phantasy Star Online, Bioshock, System Shock II, Iji, Silent Hill, Touhou und Cave Story.
The game will run on Windows (95 - 7), Windows CE, Linux and Mac. Probably there will be ports for other devices too.


Sturmfaust II is set in the 24th century. You awake in an underground complex with a huge headache. You still hear the noise of the sirens. When you try to stand up, you notice a shadow that lurks around you. Since you don't see very much, because the room is only lighted by the alarm lamp and the emergency light, you decide to leave it. Out there is the Control Room for that section of the complex, on the table lies a radio set and you hear a female voice coming out of it, who asks you nicely to pick up the radio set. This is where the game begins...

The underground complex is an advanced genetic research facility, which researches genetic technology in order to create illegal biowepaons. (Viruses, mutated creatures etc.)
They use humans for this research and let them mutate to get information about genetic engineering.


Apart from the main character there aren't many characters. One character you meet pretty early in the game, is Pollux.

She is a Spy of the german government, she will help you to escape the underground complex.

Her musicial theme: Youtube.com


Enemey AI, look, Health, Damage etc. is made of DNA. The enemies can mutate within your progress of the game. That doesn't mean that the mutation will be good, the chances are higher it reproduces though if it is. Means you get different enemies everytime you play trough the game. You will be able to scan the enemies and analyse the DNA in order to write them down in your analysis book. If you start a new game the old progress won't be lost, so you can complete it the more you play the game.


There will be many weapons and probably a "weapon part combining system" (WPCS).


The gameplay will be semi-linear, means you can explore different paths the next time you play it. The game will be very gory, you can tear an enemy to pieces. If you're good at the game, you will be able to only detach an arm for example. The enemies are made of skin, flesh, blood, bones and organs, so you can be creative. For example you could try to only shed their skin.


The music has the main task to reinforce the Gameplay and will (hopefully) contribute a big part to the atmosphere. My intention is to psychologically "alter" the player, so that the player will feel the right emotions at the right time.

Genres are: Electro, Synth Pop, Experimental, Aggrotech, Noise with big influences from the Industrial music and influences from Ambient music.

Some music is avaible here: Youtube.com


Note that the original game language will the german. But an english translation will be featured, it won't have the same quality as the original german dialog/text though. There might be also a free editor.

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Sturmfaust II
Sturmfaust II
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Looks pretty badass, man. Keep it up. I'd love to see new concepts soon.

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