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STRACO is a top down 2D shooter with tower defense elements, ability progression, and a mission based single player campaign. In the campaign you will fight in vehicles and on foot, with support towers and alone, in large outside areas and inside the cramped corridors of buildings. Each mission presents new and challenging obstacles to overcome!

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STRACO is up on Steam Greenlight! Please come by and give it an upvote!

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STRACO is up on Steam Greenlight!

State of the game: STRACO for Windows is 100% done. I will be creating a itch.io store page for STRACO sometime this week. Additionally, I've started the Greenlight campaign since it will take much longer than a week to complete that process. In fact, I've probably started the Greenlight process much too late. Oh well! Hopefully they won't close down Greenlight before I get thru. Either way the game will be available on itch.io and all copies purchased there will be provided Steam keys if we are accepted onto that system.

Please stop by and give it an upvote! (details on what is up next for STRACO below the release trailer!)

So if the windows version is 100% done, what is left?

Well, the Mac and Linux versions are the next major thing I need to work on. I've upgraded the version of Monogame that I'm using to the latest available, and that is going to help that process out tremendously. Even so, I estimate a month till that process is complete.

After Mac and Linux I will be working on the In Game Editor. This tool is 100% complete, however, it is not documented at all and written for me by me. The Editor really needs to be more user friendly and some documentation needs to be created for it.

Thanks for your interest!

Don't forget to vote!

Mike (Pyric)

PS. There's a new Demo available!

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