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StarFire was created with the intention to provide a tool to explore the depths of the universe and its secrets in a playful, educational, and thought-provoking manner. In order to do so, the player must design his spacecraft in such way it fits his individual needs and play style, and most importantly, withstands the dangers that linger in the dark. As such, StarFire implements models based on science, and may also cross the border between reality and the paranormal.

Hull Concept (view original)

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Splitting up interior (blue) and exterior (gray) into two separate hulls seemed like a brilliant idea which will enable the player to create enormous capital ships, just as long as proper 3D models are provided.

This seems to make a few problems creating doors, so still looking for a good solution for this. Creating a modular exterior hull parts also became a little more tricky.

These obstacles are something I can get rid of once I kept myself busy with this new concept for a bit more.