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Delta Quadrant is a sci-fi turn-based rogue-like strategy game. Destroy enemies to collect loot, gain experience to level up and use skill points to become stronger. Piloting a weak exploration ship, you are in search for a new homeworld for your people - that is, until you are lured into a trap by the Dark Order. This has you end up deep in unknown enemy space, with no allies or friends. Alone. Your attempt to escape will put you in the path of numerous enemies. Fight to survive, gain experience, level up and get improved weapons and equipment. You will die, but you will also get stronger! As you gain experience and level up, your ship gets stronger (improved hull strength, bigger shield capacity and more powerful engines), and you'll get skill points to help improve various aspects of your ship.

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rudivdw says

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The developer is my best friend, so that made me add about a point or so to this score (full disclosure haha!). I have had the privilege to see this game get born from nothingness, and to see how Jayson has developed as a indie game developer. I was even lucky to be able to play Delta Quadrant in the alpha and beta stages of development - and Jayson even asked for some of my inputs!

Also, I gave Jayson the $100 he needed to get the game on Steam's Greenlight, and I wouldn't part from my hard earned money that easily if I didn't think this game would be fun for a lot of people out there as well!

An excellent time waster, and you can play it one level at a time if you want. It also tries new things, for example, you can choose how your ship's power is divided up between weapons, shields and engine.

Also, there's loot and random encounters. And of course, the skill points (which you can change whenever you want - nice to experiment with different play styles!).

My friend isn't a graphic designer at all (no offense Jayson!), but he did an admirable job to make a game good enough so you don't get stuck on the basic graphics.

If you like turn based strategy games / roguelikes / RPGs / Scifi, and don't mind the graphics being a bit more basic than other titles, you won't go wrong by trying Delta Quadrant. Just stick past the first level or two, and you'll be, as I am, hooked!


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