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Stalked is a modern 3d game, designed for all people who like to get scared! If you like slender you will love Stalked!

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Mantai says

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I gotta say, that this game, has some really nice potential :D

I played the Alpha 0.2 vesion and it shocked me like 5 times owhile it was super creepy.

Though it was a really nice horror experience, there are some negative aspects so i'm just going to list all good and bad stuff here ^^:

- Loud and (in the beginning) non-predictable jumpscares, due to the blinking feature (which is a nice idea btw :))
- Creepy background sounds and atmosphere
- Dark, creepy and bloody area
-> kind of everything a horrorgame needs until now

- Jumpscares get monotone and predictable with the time
- The movements of the monster kinda looked retarded >.<
- Difference between running and walking is too low
-> some minor adjustments to the movements and a variation of different jumpscares would be nice

so overall, I love it so far and I hope you guys can make it really awesome :) keep it up.

I actually even turned a Let's play for it and i guess i will upload it soon after Christmas on my Youtube channel:

Greetings Mantai :)

This game has a ton of potential to be a top and classic indie horror game. It has everything to make it as good as a slender game easily. Top marks to the developers and here are some of my great job with mark and a need improvement section....

Great work on....
---Creepy setting (loved the big open, yet very dark setting)
---Good use of music (good mix between the heartbeats and the other bgm, nothing was too in your face)
---The 'monsters', while not threatening still made me run to the hills on more then one occasion.

Needs improving...
---Jumpscares were great but would of been terrifying if they actually chased you for a short amount of time.
---Some smoothing over on the graphics (however this is not important, it just felt a little repetitive in some areas also.)

Have to say though. It was truly a great game and I loved it. Even though I got scared beyond belief and almost fell of my chair - check out my YouTube video - this is something I really hope gets continued with.

Great work and check out the lets play I did. Sorry about the quality it was my first vid! Youtube channel name is: thetodd086. thanks.



great game, hope in the future there's more scary moments and unpredictable feature.

Just a bunch of jumpscares.

Scary as heck, this game is great! I really love the use of a minimilistic atmosphere to create tension!

My playthrough: Youtube.com


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