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Stained is a side-scrolling, platforming and combat action game set in an ancient, mysterious castle featuring detailed 3D environments with a continually changing game world. Events in Stained are triggered by breaking objects placed in and around the castle, and outcomes are determined by the combination of glass pieces that litter the ground, leading to a variety of experiences. Novel ways to break objects have to be thought of at times, which will keep the player guessing what the next puzzle will be. In any fight in the game victory is usually temporary, as defeated foes may form again, or reassemble to form entirely new ones. The gameplay is fully interactive and physics based – each character’s uncanny abilities have to be kept in mind to think of innovative ways to proceed through the game!

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Irritating combat and awkward controls.


This game has a great concept but has an incredibly terrible execution. There is so much left out from the player. The options are terrible, the mouse senstivity awful and the volume is horribly unbalanced and you can't customize sound and music volume. Between the short levels you are presented with a screen with a "Start" button but the game doesn't seem to start loading the next level until after you have pressed the button. The loading bar doesn't show any visible progress either. In game the movement is really odd and feels terrible. Attacks aren't much better. The glass shatter control is incredibly odd and it feels like you have to stand in the strangest places to break the glass you want.

Good concept, terrible execution on options and control.


Looks Great in screen shots. Thats the best thing I can say about this game. Gameplay and control are horrible beyond belief. Little to no tutorial about how any of the buttons work. Jumping and fighting is stiff and akward looking. They have an inventory in the game. Why?? No explanation given. They have what I think what was supposed to be a puzzle? No explanation about how to solve it. The game does have a hint button for the puzzle however no instructions on how to play said puzzle.

Xbox360 controller not setup for sprint and thats needed for long jumps in this game. Death is just a freeze screen and then back to start of the level. Graphics look strange and fuzzy looking. Your character has little to no animation along with the enemies who look like they have 5 to 10 frames of animation. I got this in a bundle or I would be mad if I shelled out any money for this "game". Also cannot reprogram the buttons on the xbox360 controller and minus.

Bad, Bad game. The only reason I gave it a 3 is if others search for instructions they may find some online. I am done with this game. Avoid if not in a bundle.


The controls were little pain in the beginning but, when I set them to my preference it was a wonder experience.

I liked different puzzles, such that crystal ball (spoiler,duh!) and the in game glass shard puzzles.

Nice it was a enjoyable experience.




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