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Abstract - Turn-based - Brain-melting! Spectra is a fiendishly difficult turn-based puzzler where every move you make has consequence. Carefully balance your energy levels as you negotiate a pulsating neon maze-scape and avoid geometric enemy patterns to get to the exit square. The basic concept is simple, each move you make advances the game world by one turn. You are either getting more powerful by moving onto the grey squares or loosing power. Gain 5 energy and you will raise a color level. Raising a color level enables you to enter locked squares and overcome enemies that have an equal or lower color level than you.

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shmibs says

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this is a nice little puzzler. =)
it's not anything that will "blow you away", obviously, but, if you're bored and have some time to kill between, go ahead and give it a try.

oh, and, oddly enough, the visuals and music aren't "overly assaulting" in the slightest. they work very well together to form an immersive environment that helps one concentrate.


Gamearth says

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