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SPAZ is a look back toward what we consider the golden age of gaming where games like Star Control, Mechwarrior, and XCom ruled, but with a modern twist.

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Simply an amazing game for people who like this sort of thing, even as a beta.

Ultimately it feels a lot like the Star Control games, but is far more polished and with greater complexity with when it comes to the gameplay. The story of course is not like Star Control, but it nevertheless has a goal and the light sprinkle of humour is very enjoyable.

I would tell anyone just to try the demo and you'll be convinced, well worth buying for the reduced price whilst in beta too.

Awesome awesome awesomeness... :D The best space game I ever played. Also a must buy if you are a Total Biscuit fan :D

From what I ahve read, played, and seen, this game is everything you wanted out of both "Sid Meiers Pirates" and "Space Rangers 2" Combined with a great GUI interface and layout that adds in some awesome and well thought out features. Packaged into a small and compact game taht can be enjoyed on a lap top or older PC. I have the ultimate rig and it looks beautiful and plays how I think a game in the XXX series of free form adventure games should play. Yes its a Space game. Yes you play a Freelancer. Yes you can build Ships. Yes you can customize them. Yes you can research new upgrades for them. Yes you can control all of them at the same time or one at a time. Yes you can automate them.

If you Notice a pattern its because if you think you should be able to do something it either tells you you can't because (Fill in reason why and how they can do it here) or it jsut lets you do it.

The big winners here are the people who play the game. Not just the banks who get the money. You can tell the Devs play because everythign that is implemented seems so streamlined and polished.

Such a good game , just started it and I am having a Blast .

Played the demo for 10mins and bought the game. Definitely worth it!


This is one of the best ideas for a game ive found and im planing to buy the game shortly i do however have 3 suggestions

#1 goon breeding:
Goons are in my opinon the most valuble thing ive encounterd becuase they are hard to get here are my ideas every 1/10th goon will be a female and will mate with a male after every now and then a goon couple (spread out of course)will have a baby or babies. also i belive there should be colonys looking for rez and are so desprate they will trade goons for it.

#2 artifical goons:
Artifical goons or robots will have their own tab robots are terible at most jobs but are valuble fighters and repaires, miners and uta, will pay highly for them.

#3 use of extra space:
When you have extra space in a hanger you can trade extra rez for it to be equpied with squadron equipment. Considering you had a giant hanger you could use the rez to equip it with squadron equipment for one space. You could do many thing with many combows such as you could do an armed mining squadron for 2 spaces and extra rez wich holds 2 spacebusses and a dart etc. with this i think the game would be alot easier.

I hope i get to see these in game it would make me very happy.
I also support and donate to the game by pledgeing that i will evvently buy this game thanks for reading.

This is awesome. Gameplay Awesome. Graphics Awesome. Story you guessed it Awesome.

one of the most fun games ive ever played


It's grindy and that's the gist of it.

A game with lots of potential just barely missed. :(

Really fun game with a lot of customization. Enjoyable combat, decent exploration, and a sense of humor. My only complaint is that sometimes it can get really hard and put you between a rock and a hard place, forcing you into a bit of grinding to improve your ships. Other than that, it's a good time.