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Take on the role of a demon prince fighting to stake your claim over the abysmal plain. Harvest souls, summon minions and unleash diabolical magicks to eliminate your opponents! Soul Harvest is local multiplayer strategy game with an arcade flavor. It's meant to be played with gamepads, supports up to 4 players and requires no advanced RTS skill: there are only 4 buttons! So grab a few gamepads and join the harvest!


## Changelog ### v0.5.0 - 30/10/2015 * bug fixes * avatar is no longer pushed around by souls * fixed buildings not flashing white when attack while under construction * fixed music volume resetting when track changes * visuals * replaced yellow team with black * added rock obstacles to maps * decals (blood, etc) no longer draw on lava * bubbles pop in the lava * attack 'whoosh' animations * changed UI feedback for 'no enough souls' * demon finger in title screen * bouncy 'back' arrows and spikes in radial menu * preview of where buildings will appear * gameplay * a second faction: Bitterness! * buildings can now be recycled (by attacking them) * level selection screen with multiple maps * lava flood-plains which burn units on them * various balance tweeks * changed the way unit control works * other * you can now change the keyboard controls by editing the 'controls.lua' file exported to %APP_DATA%

Soul Harvest alpha demo V0.5

What is it??

Cannot compile pixel shader code:
Line 10 error: Syntax error: "f" parse error?

[C]: in function 'newShader'
layers/terrain.lua:449: in function 'init'
main.lua:160: in function 'load'
[string "boot.lua"]:418: in function <[string "boot.lua"]:413>
[C]: in function 'xpcall'

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