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A new short horror indie game made in 2 days, made by developer of Forgotten Project Of Damned.... You heard a knock on your door. Who could it be? Where is the person?

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kabeltelevizio says

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It was interested, but I disliked the open ending.


icefire555 says

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For such a short time in production, this game was pretty solid.

+Looked good
+Ran smoothly
+No voice on the protagonist (still text)
Allows the player to bond more with the character.
+Good environment | normal indoors, creepy outdoors.
Adds a hidden level of creepiness to the (Secret)
+Story have a very captivating ending that left me curious the first time
-Minicon felt kinda lame. Like after some thought it kinda creeped me out.
However adding sounds while sleeping would have made it way better.

-Short (To be expected)
-Story, there are only 3 things the player interacts with
-Would have been great to add maybe a dark figure somewhere hidden outside
that moves slightly when looked at and vanishes.
-Character mentions nonexistent sounds {Only heard knock} (Please add something)
I took a guess at what happened, however there is very little
to support it.
-Protagonist text. Maybe use less speech and more sounds to tell the story.
Like *Noise* "What's happening in the kitchen?" if you want to be blunt.
Or however you feel like writing it.
-Youtubers faces | This is really nothing big, but if you're going to put
faces of people up, why not look for a more poster-like wall image.
Like things the youtubers would sell. I feel like most people don't have
just giant portraits of their favorite youtubers. So it lost a large
amount of creepiness. (From the disconnection and face-palm)


Szamer says

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It was well done but because of those few things that were wrong with it i have rated it down but it was a nice thing to play and the thing to notice was too simple and could have been harder to notice.


TheBlueWolf28 says


frederikgames9 says

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