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Smash Toons is not a game that can be easily described or classified. The best way to understand it is to imagine two marbles, smothered in paint and stuck together by a wire, coming to life and going off together in search of globs of paint. As surreal as this may sound, it all boils down to a well rounded puzzle game replete with some evenly balanced action.In Smash Toons players control two blobs of goo that are stuck together and move as one. Each one pivots around the other and by tapping on the screen, the player changes which blob is moving and which one is the pivot point. By switching and pivoting the two blobs, the player can move the blobs in certain directions around each maze-like level in search of other paint blobs. When the player’s blobs come into contact with other paint blobs, those blobs are cleared from the level. Each level is completed when the player has cleared all the paint blobs found in the level. Some blobs can be cleared by just touching them, others have to be hit and manipulated in specific ways to be cleared. Some blobs can only be cleared by the right colored blob and some are more difficult to reach than others.Each level is rife with obstacles and traps that the player must avoid on their search for paint blobs. Bombs, walls, bumpers, and gaps all stand in the way and bring a nice variety to the game. There are a good number of levels (with more on the way) and they all offer new and interesting challenges. The unique pivoting mechanic is inventive and challenging and will give players something new to puzzle them. The player’s little living blobs of paint are also as animated as can be, giving the player different, expressive faces whether they are moving or hitting a wall or being blown up.

Someone wrote: All in all, Smash Toons is a very enjoyable game and its wet paint style will certainly make its mark.

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Smash Toons is an exciting action game easy to play but impossible to leave.
Touch the screen to move our two characters Pinko (the green one) and Panko (the orange one). Burst the bubbles and the various kinds of junk that you find around the levels.
Conquer 3 stars by the minimum number of taps for each level. Pay attention to your greatest enemy ... the time!

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- iOS 5 tested;
- Universal App compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad;
- Retina display support;
- Game center;
- Multi language support.
- Free periodic updates with new levels and features;

Smash Toons - (148Apps.com)  Vote 8/10

Smash Toons - (148Apps.com) Vote 8/10


"All in all, Smash Toons is a very enjoyable game and its wet paint style will certainly make its mark." by 148Apps.com

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