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SlipStream is a strategic arcade racer. Be the first across the line by choosing elements that allow you to boost and ride the slipstream left by your opponents.

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Jun 7 2011 Anchor

Public Beta 0.9 Update Change Log

- Cars being respawned after driving on the Treetop Twist.
- Car respawn locations on the Treetop Twist- Elemental Pickup Boxes on the Treetop Twist are now random and in a line of 4.
- Ring Of Fire Lava issue fixed.
- Main menu and Track Select Cameras updated to include Treetop Twist.
- Update to the main website.
- More Elemental Pickup boxes on the Island track.
- Random Pickups Boxes replaced by standard pickup boxes.
- Waiting For Player banner appears when waiting for players before the race starts.
- Music for all 3 Tracks integrated.

Known Issues
- Loading the Tutorial in the Web Player takes a long time, and the loading message isn't displayed properly.
- UnregisterHost issue - the game still registers games that are in progress and lets through attempts to join
- Some rock faces in the Island's Volcano aren't being lit properly.
- Fog Distance in the Lobby Fly-Through animations isn't the same as the tracks themselves.
- If the game fails to join a server, then the Quickplay option will stop functioning properly.
- Performance fps drops (see also; Lag Spikes) when driving in the Island's Volcano.

Updater has been changed - it was causing a hanging problem occasionally. The latest update will supersede this and fix the problem.
If the updater does cause any virus protection errors or notification, please let us know at
so we can bring up the issue with the antivirus companies.

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