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Slender: The Eight Pages, formerly known as Slender is a free experimental game developed by Parsec Productions. It was released as a beta in June 2012 for Windows and Mac OS X.

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First of all, let's make something clear: this is not a full-fledged game. It's an experiment. A ground-testing for the sequel, 'The Arrival'. I know you've read all those "it isn't scary" reviews, but, believe me, experience it yourself first.
So why all the fuss? Because it reminded players from all around the world how survival horror changed the videogame world. When I think of this game, Silent Hill comes to my mind. Neverminding the fact that SH is a far more complex game, it has something in common with Slender: it gets under your skin. Slender: The Eight Pages made me feel like the first time I played Silent Hill. This kind of psychologic terror is incredibly effective. Even though the games uses cheap scares, the sense of being alone, defenseless is amazing.

It's a once-in-a-life-time-experience, and I say that because, after you collect that goddamn 8th page, you probably won't play the game again. There's no real incentive. You'll recommend it to your friends or whatsoever, but that's it.

If you want a story, or more variety, more 'enemies', locations, gameplay mechanics, go play it's sequel, 'The Arrival', which really manages to keep the same feel, even adding more elements to the formula.

Don't look at this game for what it could have been, for what it doesn't have. Play it for what it is.

The Eight Pages is pure concept and terror. And that's where lies it's beauty (?) lies: in its simplicity.

This game has a simple, yet effective formula, meant to scare even the bravest man in the world. This game is great (nor excellent neither epic. Just great. And not even close to "Best Scary Game Evah!"), but it's so overrated and already boring to play it doesn't make sense to play this anymore. After you get the last page, you lose your motivation to play Slender again.

Yes, the graphics are a little bad, but who cares anyways. Still, it made me jump many times and the atmosphere absorbs the player instantly.

For an experiment, it worked quite well.

Scary game! Simple but it is amazing!

I know this game is overrated, I know the graphics are meh, but it's the way it is able to genuinely horror the player that makes this game excellent. This game was so scary it has inspired dozens, if not hundreds, of spin off games. The simple yet effective formula for gameplay is now being used in TONS of games. This game laid the framework for a new set of horror games and that is why I believe it deserves a 10/10

I just heard about the sequel, and I am excited. I can't wait to see what these guys do when they go all out!

Very nice game,and sacry...10 can be very high rating for some people.But i really liked the game like that.Just very good.

Slender was a game released by Parsec Productions as a social experiment to see if gamers would hop onto the first person survival horror medium. Needless to say, it worked. Shortly after the release of Slender came an updated version known as Slender: The Eight Pages which was pretty much the same as the previous version however the Slender Mechanics were upgraded slightly making the game a lot more intense and challenging. Since then, there have been dozens, maybe even hundreds of Slender copies out there including Parsec Productions recent project Slender: The Arrival and Slenderman Shadows, HOWEVER, the original Eight Pages is still the most fun and terrifying game of them all. In fact the scariest part of this game has to be the suspense it brings in knowing you're downloading the game and once it's done, you'll have to try and survive Slendy on your own. Can you collect all 8 Pages before the Slender Man gets you? Play it for yourself, just don't look behind you....


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I came across this game back in 2012. My old friend advised me to play it. The game is visually simple, made on Unity, but at the same time well optimized. The main task is to collect all the notes. When searching, you cannot catch the eye of the Slenderman, you cannot look at him. Overall I liked the game.



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Interesting experience, perhaps not exactly my genre