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Slender: Lost is a new story to the slender man universe, You start off in your house after a long days work and decide to go to bed, that is when the real nightmare begins, or is it?

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OnMyTODD says

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So far so good, I haven't been this scared of a slender game in quite some time. Truly excellent work and hats off to you. Looking forward to playing more and seeing more from this title. I put up a let's play here but it was only a one go short episode, I will play and upload this again in the near future/ or when the next update comes out.


Music and atmosphere


short battery life. the map seemed quite large and it would be very hard to replenish them in time if the battery life is short.

Keep up the hard work!

My LP: Youtube.com


TheHoongs says

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See,you have to do some things by yourself.

I've seen that camera model at the start of the game before so in the full game you must make some 3d models by yourself.

level design is okay but not good enough

But i am looking forward to this game


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