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How do you balance a war between towns without letting either side obliterate the other? How do you rule over gods, creatures, and men who refuse to obey you? How do you build a thriving landscape of villages against the threat of bandits and mythological powers? Skyward Collapse places you into the role of The Creator, and frees you to tackle these problems your own way. Your task is to build and populate the floating continent of Luminith. You can create -- but not control -- gods, creatures, and artifacts from both Greek and Norse mythology. The power you wield with these is immense. (As one example, Heimdall's horn causes everyone standing outside to drop dead.) Your task is to keep both factions alive until The Master calls you home -- but this is harder than it sounds. Bandits, along with periodic Woes add to the variety of challenges that you'll face in any given game. Every game plays out differently, and you'll need even the craziest of your powers in order to survive.

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Bloody excellent game, this one. I've already played it to death (Steam version), and I think the devs are well aware of my thoughts on it by this point.

The gimmick here is that while it's turn-based-strategy, with one army VS another army, you not only play as both sides, but you dont directly control any of the actual troops and such. You build up their cities, use various powerful abilities, and do all sorts of things to try to influence them into doing what you want.

The game will constantly throw all sorts of disasters and such at you, called "woes", as well as bandits, all to unbalance things. Your goal, simply put, is to keep the two sides as balanced as possible. If one side is wiped out, you lose. Yet at the same time, you need to keep them constantly at war, or you wont get enough points to pass each Age.

It all works together very well, and there's a ton of depth here. Highly recommended. Definitely a favorite of mine.


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