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Sinful Eden is a point 'n' click adventure with dating sim and RPG elements. You take on the role of a young man living in Karigon Island. Karigon law states that all males who're of age are duty-bound to marry, failure to comply will result in execution, as ordained by the high priestess Aurora. Unfortunately for you, finding a suitable bride isn't as easy as it sounds... There will be many obstacles in your path to find true love, can you overcome them before it's too late?

If you'd like to see Sinful Eden available on Steam, please vote for us here! Thank you! :D

• Over fifteen unique locations around Karigon Island.

• Buy and trade gifts.

• Four (or more) different ladies to romance.

• Dynamic time cycle: Find different areas & secrets at night.

• Unlockable secret characters & new areas.

• Multiple endings depending on your in-game choices.

• Adult themes & humor.

• Reputation system. (keep your rep high or people may treat you differently)

• Work your 9-5 day job, borrow money or gamble to make it big.

• Play mini-games to increase your reputation.

Sinful Eden is currently in its final stages of development. We're aiming for a spring 2016 launch window.

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Our latest game 'Sinful Eden' is now live on Steam Greenlight! Check out the the first official trailer below and if you like what you see, please vote for us and help us get the game on Steam!

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