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Indie rogue Eric Ruth delivers a heart pounding “demake” of the legendary video game hero Serious Sam. The iconic Sam “Serious” Stone finds himself in ancient Greece battling the relentless hordes of Mental’s army from an all-new perspective. Lock and load for Serious Sam’s retro 8-bit adventure!

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This game is Kleer-y a load of Werebull.

I know the Serious Sam series is mostly about swarms of enemies, but making them infinitely spawn is bad idea, specially with limited resources.

The weapon system is messed up, if you pick up a weapon you lose your previous one FOR GOOD! The weapon damage seems to be off too, it seems that some weapons are more powerful than the should, or to be more exactly some weapons aren't effective at all. The rocket laucher greats explosions, but the explosions don't seem to damage the enemies, making it worthless.

But the thing that hurts the most is that after all the effort you have to put up with this game, is that the ending is just a "Thank you for playing" screen.

I think what hurts this game the most is how vastly superior the other Serious Sam indie games are, they all mantain the humor of the series and this one sticks out like a sore thumb. I might sound too harsh, but game is so broken and unfun I can't a single good thing to say about it.


Kefren says

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I only played it for a while, just found it to be boring. Like a poor-man's Alien Breed (Amiga).

Urgh... Really dislike this game. Buggy, glitchy gameplay. Quite low quality graphics, sound is completely un-memorable and the actual shooting is dull dull dull. It isnt even worth the 99pence to spend :/

Eric Rooth never makes "Amazing" games, but this is just yet another of his creations that's fun and plays on just about anything. It's enjoyable and loveable if only for a good 10-15 minute go of gameplay.

This game is impressively bad.

This game could get caught in the Norton virus scan... (x_x)
This is a safe exe file?


It's fun for what it is; an old school top down shooter for a buck.


Congratz you will take only 2/10 !

Offial game maker game should be free.

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