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Enter house number 03. "Segatakai", a game by Fábio Guedes and Daniel Francisco is a new take on "Slender". You take control of a nameless character and your only objective is to find the 8 pages scattered around house 03 and escape. To make your way through the environments you will also need to search for keys to open locked doors blocking your way. Realistic shadows, creepy atmosphere, big map to explore with indoor and outdoor environments, original game soundtrack, a story* and two different endings are some of the features available in the game.

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Creepy music...scary, yet pretty places...quite intense, yet fun!


The atmosphere of this game was spot on, and it didn't feel like a cheap Slender imitation. Rather, it felt like a fitting entry into the Slenderman mythos.


Entoan says

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I told you guys I would beat and now here it is :D (link at the bottom)

I am glad you listened to the feedback it really made a difference. Especially with the brightness of the game. Now the thing I think you guys should work on is how slender looks

There is alot of ways that you can make slender look better in my opinion. One of which is just try to improve the graphics but that is not my real suggestion. Since this takes place in a different culture I thought that maybe changing slender's look would be an interesting take. Changing him to look similar to the manikins is my suggestion. I would keep how his body looks (tall and slender) but change his actual look to be more like the manikins in the game. The only reason why I am saying to change the look is because it takes place in a different setting/culture. Most cultures/locations have different looks in for gods, monsters, and creatures. It is just a thought though, but the slender ai at least needs a graphic makeover XD

my rate is 8/10 but it could go up in later versions

here is me getting all the pages

although this have a good environment and great atmosphere it didnt a good use of it and didnt any events at all just me walking around from here and there looking for keys and pages nothing really cool happened and the gameplay was extremely boring after awhilei was already feeling no feelings of far of anything in fact slenderman was appearing at all i can see his statics he only showif you turn of your lantern and stay in your place for a loooooooooooooong time this not how you make horror games however this improved alot if you put could a story and some secrets for gamers to find because the place where takes seems interesting and cool



DYohei says

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Great game! The atmosphere makes you this a very absorbent and terrifying experience.

If you like horror games, you must play this one.



Great work. One of a very small amount of good slender games. Amazing artwork and atmosphere but the cons include lighting and slender man aggressiveness. Check out my video to see why:

If lighting could be improved I see another successful Slender franchise on the way. It has objectives and information on game play to which makes it very original.


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